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Nursing Network

The expert network for European cooperation in care.

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Aims and objectives

Network composition of the Nursing Network
Network composition of the Nursing Network

The EUHA Nursing Network deals with current and relevant topics of nursing for a high quality care of the patients entrusted to us and an attractive profession on a European level. In line with the EUHA motto "Leading by Doing", our focus is on strengthening the identity of the nursing profession, the best possible care for patients, a healthy working environment, nursing research and education. Within the EUHA Nursing Network we learn from each other, exchange best practice models and use common synergies on a university level. The EUHA Nursing Network stands for professional, future-oriented nursing, with networks on a European level and proactively meets the challenges of the future. The coordination of the EUHA Nursing Network is the responsibility of the Charité.

Here you can find the mission statement of the network.

Ongoing projects

  • Development of a specialization program for nurses 
  • Development of nursing exchange programs
  • Research project on the effectiveness of specially trained nurse educators in the clinical setting 
  • Development of guidelines for a nurse:patient ratio in combination with a cargi-ver:patient ratio 
  • Establishment and development of an EUHA Nursing science network

Links to Charité fields of action

  • Best-practice exchange for the implementation of the Charité strategy, especially in the strategic field of people and education, including in the areas of personnel development, retention and academization of the health professions. 
  • Input for the further development of the Charité recruitment campaign and the further development of the health professions at Charité.
  • Collegial exchange and inspection of digital solutions of nursing in the partner hospitals, linked to the demands on the working world of the future in the strategic field "Medicine in Transition" 
  • Mutual exchange on a European level with a view to a "Human Ecosystem" in the sense of the strategy field "Vision and Target Image Charité 2030". 
  • Support of the strategic field "Strategic fields in health care and biomedicine" by developing common European knowledge in the areas of outcome measurement, patient safety, user-oriented care and translation.

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