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Apply Now - Staff Exchange with Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago

In order to deepen our long-lasting bilateral partnership with Northwestern University's   Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, we expand the current exchange beyond medical students. Now, medical staff can spend up to two month for a hospitation in one of the clinics. And researchers have the opportunity to pursue parts of their research projects. Further information here.

Chiba University

Chiba, Japan

Chiba University is a large state university located near Tokyo. Charité and Chiba associate with each other under the name of Mori. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Japanese researcher Mori Ôgai worked in the lab of Robert Koch. Nowadays, his descendant and Professor for Public Health at Chiba University, Dr. Chisato Mori supports the bilateral relationship. Since 2010 the two universities have been exchanging medical students for clinical internships (clinical clerkship and practical year) along with leading summer schools, symposiums and workshops together.

In 2017, a research project sponsored by the BMBF in the field of autoimmune diseases and neuro-inflammatory diseases under the direction of Prof. Kuwabara and Prof. Paul ( was launched. The success of this partnership is also due to funding obtained since 2014, which was only possible through the friendship between Chiba and Charité.

Hadassah Medical Center

Jerusalem, Israel

The Hadassah Medical Center was founded in 1934 and runs two clinical universities and medical faculties which include human medicine, dentistry, health care and pharmacology. The Hadassah Medical Center is associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In 2014, current research projects that come under the field of neonatology and pediatrics was formalized through the signing of a cooperation agreement.

King's College London

In 2018 King’s College London and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin signed a Memorandum of Understanding designed to encourage increased cross-channel scientific cooperation, thus supporting researchers in their efforts to establish truly innovative, international collaboration. Established in 1829 and situated in the heart of London, King’s College boasts five campuses hosting nine faculties. Its Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine is home to approx. 5,000 students, collaborating with numerous NHS partners including the prestigious Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals. 

The binational partnership lays the foundations for long-term international cooperation in key fields including immuno-oncology, cardiology, neurology, immunology, Medical Sociology and genetics. Seed funding for the six selected projects supports activities including joint workshops, conferences and relevant travel.

Monash University

Melbourne, Australia

The Monash University was founded in 1958 and is one of the strongest research universities in Australia (Group of Eight). The relationship between Charité and Monash dates back to 2007 when a cooperation agreement was signed for academic exchanges. Monash offers the opportunity for four medical students to complete their final year in Melbourne. At the same time, four Australian medical students come to Charité.

Both institutions cofounded the M8 Alliance and the World Health Summit.

Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine

Chicago, USA

The Feinberg School of Medicine of the Northwestern University dates back to the time of the American civil war and the beginning of the industrialization age. Today, the university focuses its outstanding medical care on stem cell research, personalized medicine and public health.

As the only academic partner in the States, this cooperation gives the opportunity for ten medical students during their practical year to learn more about US clinic operations. At the same time, 6 to 10 students from Chicago undertake an exchange here in Berlin. 

Saitama Medical School

Moroyama, Japan

The Saitama medical University was founded in 1972 in Moroyama, Japan. Since 1996 a student exchange program in the practical year takes place between Charité and Saitama. 2 to 3 students take part each year.


Tongji Medical College

Wuhan, China

The name Tongji, which mirrors the university of the same name in Shanghai, dates back to a common root with the creation of the university in Shanghai in 1907. In the 1950s, the medical faculty of Shanghai was transferred to Wuhan. Since 2000, the Tongji Medical College has become part of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). The student exchange program between Charité and Tonji Medical College harks back to 1998. On average between one and two students each year takes part in the exchange between Wuhan and Berlin.

Tongji University

Shanghai, China

The founding of the Tongji University in 1907 in Shanghai dates back to the period of the navy doctor Erich Paulun and the Prussian admin official Friedrich Althaus, who developed his skills at Charité. In the 1950s, the medical faculty was transferred to Wuhan in the province of Hubei. In 2001, the faculty was renewed and the Tongji University School of Medicine was reborn. Since 2015, the exchange program has allowed 2 to 5 students to undertake part of their practical year in Shanghai.

Additionally, Charité and the Tongji University have collaborated on the project “Topchoice” which has set its goal on building and running a Mother-Child-Clinic in Shanghai.

Université de Montréal

Montreal, Canada

The biggest French speaking university in Canada has also the biggest medical faculty of all the Canadian universities. Strongly dedicated to research and integrated through a network of clinics and other health institutions, the Université de Montreal is located in the heart of the city.

Since the signing of an agreement in 2014, common research activities as well as exchange programs for students and scientists – from three to five per year, are now possible.

Like Charité, the Université de Montreal is member of the M8 Alliance and a partner of the World Health Summit.

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University of Nairobi School of Medicine

Nairobi, Kenya

Founded in 1967 with only 30 students enrolled, the number of students studying at the School of Medicine of the Nairobi University has now increased to more than 3000 medical students.

The highlight of our cooperation with Nairobi is the student research exchange program. Within this project, which is supported by the B.Braun German foundation, six Berliner and six Nairobi students conduct yearly Research hand in hand on specific key topics.  Find out more here.


Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology (ZAST)

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

The Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology (ZAST) is a diversified organization that is involved in the fields of technology, medicine, agriculture and tertiary education. Since 2003, Charité, ZAST and partner clinics located in the province of Zhejiang have been collaborating successfully together. Charité offers to our Chinese partner the opportunity for its scientists to carry out a PhD dissertation, for work culminating in the award of the title Dr. med, for work shadowing in our clinics and for advanced training seminars. Therefore, ZAST has a branch office at Charité that looks after its Chinese colleagues in Berlin and, at the same time, offers the opportunity for medical students from Berlin to undertake final year placement in one of the clinics in China.

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Dominique Lacroix

Manager International Communication and Projects

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