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Your Charité needs you now!

We are all trying to master this crisis and thus prevent the development of a situation that can hardly be controlled.

Find out how you can help !

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Your contribution to the management of the Covid pandemic

Right now, we are experiencing the strength of the fourth wave of the pandemic, which is growing in intensity at an alarming rate. As a result, the number of Covid 19 patients in hospitals in general is increasing, and along with it, the demands on the staff here at Charité.

In order to tackle this burden and also to overcome this difficult phase of the Corona crisis, the Board of Charité is asking for your help.

There are various areas and tasks in which you can help. Support your colleagues in their ongoing challenges!

In particular, we currently have a need for the following professional groups

for support in direct patient care (flexible working hours possible):

  • Professional nursing staff (trained 3 years)
  • Geriatric nurses
  • Health and nursing assistants (trained 1 year)
  • Physician assistants
  • OTA (surgical-technical assistants)
  • ATA (anesthetic technical assistants)
  • Medical students

You would like to help, but do still have questions...

FAQ - We answer frequently asked questions

1) Which professions are particularly in demand right now?
Staff with medical background are always needed, e.g. for activities such as vac-cination and testing, as well as for coordination and communication between employees. This information is subject to change and will be continuously updat-ed on this website.

2) In which areas can I support?
This information is subject to change and will be regularly updated on this web-site.

3) For how long / how often will my support be needed?
The deployment frequency to begin with depends on the task and can vary from once to twice (preferred) a week, up to a full work-week or longer. Due to training periods, a continuous assignment would be preferable. However, there are also areas of activity that primarily require occasional support.

4) Which documents do I have to submit?
This information can be found using the form on this website, but at the very least you will need to provide a brief CV.

5) Why are there so many questions in the form?
We would like to provide you with a custom-fit assignment and a secure frame-work. Therefore, we need certain information. So please fill out the form as thor-oughly as possible.

6) What happens to my personal data?
Your data will be viewed, processed, and stored by colleagues in Patient Care, for the sole purpose of providing staff support during the pandemic. Here you can find our data protection information regarding application procedures

7) I am an employee of Charité,
a. Does my support count as work hours?

b. Will I be covered by insurance?
Yes, under the terms of your employment contract. If you register for non-specialist tasks (e.g. doctors in nursing), please contact us proactively.

8)  I am a student, 
a. How does my support offer relate to compulsory lecture courses?

Please consult your head of department. According to the current status, teaching continues to have priority. In any case, we will try to schedule the activities in accordance with your studies.

b. Do I get an employment contract or something comparable?
Yes, we will arrange the written agreement.

c. What are my “employment” options?
You can either volunteer (without payment), or, alternatively, we can pro-vide you a mini job (on a € 450-basis). We can also give you a standard employment contract (level P5 according to the German tariff) of at least 20% of working hours.

d. I am already employed as a student, can I still contribute somehow?
To maintain your student status, a maximum of 80 hours of working hours per month are possible. If you already have a contract, please consult your department about the possible scope of your assignment. A partial, short-term adjustment of the work area would be possible. If you are not yet em-ployed for 80 hours per month, your working hours can be increased for a certain period of time.

e.  Can I credit the practical experience acquired towards a Practical Year (PY) or similar?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept additional credits within the nurs-ing internship. Also, it cannot count towards the PY in general; but if the person responsible for the PY at the clinic assigns you to a certain hospital ward, the assignment is in accordance with the guidelines (PY log) and is then officially certified by the facility.

9) I am a senior professor,
a. And therefore have an employment contract. Do I need an additional con-tract?

That depends on the intended assignment. If you have a contract that in-cludes medical activities, you can work as a doctor or in the administrative field. No additional contract is required. If no medical activity is stipulated in your contract, we would most likely issue a volunteer contract. 

b.  Will I be covered by insurance in this context?

c. Can I expect any financial compensation for my commitment?
For your voluntary work, a flat rate of € 20 per day can be payed.


You would like to help?

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