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FFP2 masks are mandatory for patients and visitors

Essential information on the rules around face coverings.

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Video: How to use masks which cover the mouth and nose correctly @ Charité
Video: How to use masks which cover the mouth and nose correctly @ Charité

In line with the tighter rules on mask use issued by the Senate of Berlin, Charité has amended its rules for visitors and patients.

FFP2 masks will be compulsory for all visitors wishing to patients in hospital.

All patients must wear an FFP2 mask when leaving their rooms and while others are present in their (single or shared) rooms.

The wearing of surgical masks will no longer be permitted. 

Also maintain minimum distance of 1.5m from others at all times. This applies both inside and outside of buildings.

Information for outpatients and inpatients

No visits without FFP2 masks © Charité
No visits without FFP2 masks © Charité

All outpatients and inpatients will be required to wear FFP2 masks inside Charité buildings when spending time outside their rooms, when visitors or staff are present in their rooms and, in the case of patients in shared rooms, while awaiting results for their SARS-CoV-2 screening tests.

All inpatients will be issued with FFP2 masks by members of staff on their respective wards. Ward staff will also be responsible for instructing patients on the correct use of masks and for replacing masks on a regular basis.

All outpatients may bring and wear their own FFP2 masks, provided these are clean and intact. Where this is not the case, new masks will be issued by staff in the relevant outpatient departments.

The same rules apply to pediatric patients, provided they are old enough to wear a surgical mask.

Information for visitors and accompanying persons

FFP2 masks must be worn at all times while inside Charité buildings. Visitors are requested to bring their own FFP2 masks. Where these are found to be soiled or faulty, ward staff should issue visitors with new FFP2 masks.

Parents who are accompanying their children are given an FFP2 mask by the ward staff. They must wear the mask whenever staff are present in the patient's room for a longer period of time as well as when they are outside the room.

Visitors who present written evidence of exemption from mask use will still be required to wear a mask. Without one, they will not be permitted to enter any enclosed spaces.