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Data protection

The data protection officer of the Charité can answer your questions around data protection and security in terms of your personal information and participation in scientific studies. Contact

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Discharge management: discharge from hospital

The planning of your discharge begins on the day of your admission. The aim of this process, which we refer to as 'discharge management', is to ensure a safe transfer to your home or another health care provider. Therefore, we will start assessing the extent to which your discharge needs to be managed on the day of your admission and will continue to assess this at regular intervals.

Individualized discharge planning

Your treatment team, consisting of nursing staff, patient managers, social workers, and physicians, will work with you to plan your impending discharge and/or any further care required. As part of this process, we will collate comprehensive information on your individual needs, and pass this on to the relevant health care providers.

The whole process is increasingly being overseen by our patient managers, who will also act as your main point of contact on the ward. If necessary, you will also receive support and advice from other experts and therapists, including wound managers, physiotherapists, dietitians, and psychologists.

In many cases, our social care team will play an active role. This may include:

  • Providing advice on and arranging rehabilitation measures, outpatient/inpatient care services
  • Clarifying to what extent costs will be covered by health/long-term care insurance policies or   pension payments 
  • Providing support during the application process (level of care required, disability, mobility aids etc.)

Discharge to home

If you need to be cared for by a relative/relatives after you are discharged, we will be able to provide them with any training they may require (such as the correct way to change dressings or administer injections). If necessary, we will also arrange in-home care by trained staff (e.g. home health care providers, nursing consultants, domestic assistance), and deliveries of specialist products/mobility aids from suppliers of mobility and health care products.

Discharge to another health care facility

If you require further or follow-up treatment, we will also make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transfer to the relevant health care facility (hospital/specialized geriatric hospital, rehabilitation center, care home, hospice care, assisted living).

You decide

When selecting your follow-on care providers, we will respect your wishes and your right to decide what is appropriate.

We are committed to keeping your personal data safe: you decide whether we are permitted to pass on any of the data required to manage your discharge to those providing your follow-on care and/or your health insurance provider (or other payer). For further information, please refer to our 'Discharge management – information for patients'.

It is of course entirely up to you to decide the timing and manner of your discharge. Should you decide to leave the hospital early, and against medical advice, you will be doing so at your own risk. Please be advised that the hospital will not be liable for any adverse effects you may suffer as a result (see General Terms & Conditions: Allgemeine Vertragsbedingungen).

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Ward physicians, senior physicians, chief physician – all of them are responsible for your treatment. The doctor in charge will create a therapeutic plan. The ward physician is your treating physician. Our doctors also prescribe your medications.

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Donating Blood

If you would like to donate blood, please click on Donating Blood. If you are scheduled to undergo surgery and you need to donate your own blood, please click the above link to find additional information.

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