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Please see Restaurants & Bistros.

Last change: 12/2019


The CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin encompasses four locations, each one termed one "Campus" - the colloquially plural being "Campi". The Latin word "Campus" originally meant an “un-used field“. Newer definitions of "Campus" refer to an enclosed area, usually for colleges or universities, with several buildings for research, teaching, studies, relaxation, and living quarters for students and teachers.

Medical care and treatment is offered on three campi, teaching and research is offered on all four campi. The four campi of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin are:

The CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin with its four campi is a joint institute of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Last change: 12/2019

Cash machines/ATMs

You will find a cash machine opposite the cafeteria on Campus Benjamin Franklin. Another cash machine is situated in the entrance area of the Augustenburger Platz entrance to Campus Virchow-Klinikum, next to the gate.

On Campus Charité Mitte, a cash machine can be found at the entrance to the building situated at No.10 Luisenstraße.

Last change: 01/2020

Cashier's Office

See Patient Payments.

Last change: 12/2019

Child day-care center for visitors (Kita)

Child day-care services for visitors, which are located on Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Oststraße 3, are available Mondays to Fridays between 2pm and 7pm (up to four hours). This service is available to visitors with children between two and six years of age. For further information please call us on +49 30 8179 9165. 

There are currently no day-care provisions on either Campus Charité Mitte or Campus Benjamin Franklin. The staff at the Campus Virchow-Klinikum 'Kita' are therefore happy to accept children of patients and visitors from the other two campuses.

Last change: 12/2019

Chapel, church

See Spiritual and Pastoral care.

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Children’s library

Please see Libraries.

Last change: 12/2019

Clothing and Toiletries

You will need a number of items during your stay at the hospital. Please ensure to bring these with you, or ask someone else to bring them for you:

  • Nightgown/pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Slippers
  • Bathrobe
  • Casual clothing

Your health permitting, you may wish to take a stroll around campus, and therefore may wish to bring some casual clothing. Before you leave your room, please ensure that you are dressed appropriately and let our nursing staff know when you expect to return.

Last change: 12/2019


Rather than in the trash cans, please place all paper waste, such as newspapers or magazine, in the designated paper recycling containers or give to our cleaning staff. By taking this simple step and separating out paper, we are able to recycle up to 650 tons of paper yearly. Environmental conservation is critical to society’s overall health and an important part of our business concept at the Charité. Your participation and support help the Charité in its efforts to protect our environment.

Last change: 12/2019


See Patient Advocate.

Last change: 12/2019

Cultural Events

We offer events such as festivals or exhibitions to help make your stay in our clinic more pleasant. For example, the Campus Benjamin Franklin has an initiative to host up to five art exhibitions every year. Please refer to the respective announcements. At the Charité Campus Mitte, you can visit the Berlin Museum of Medical History which offers a permanent as well as special exhibitions.

Last change: 12/2019