Education and Training

The health academy of the Charité provides education and training in the following fields: nursing, pediatric nursing, nutrition assistance, midwifery, physical therapy, speech therapy, operation technical assistance.

Information about education and training at the Charité can be found in our Careers section under Education and Training. Information on medical studies at the can be found on the page Studies.

Last change: 07/2015

Environment Protection

We ask you to dispose of waste paper like newspapers or magazines not in the rubbish bin, but to keep this aside and give it to the cleaning personnel for removal. You can leave small packaging rubbish like yoghurt or juice packs or similar items, as well as fruit bowls with the tray within the scope of the regular dishware return on station to the kitchen.

By the separate collection of paper and packaging material ("yellow rubbish bins") we can recycle this material and conserve resources. Responsible handling of the environment as a contribution to preventive health protection is an essential component of our enterprise.

Last change: 06/2015