Data protection

Charité's Data Protection Officer will be happy to answer any questions relating to the processes and procedures which are in place to ensure the safety of personal data used for medical or research purposes, e.g. when taking part in a research study. For contact details, please click here.

Last change: 11/2015


When medically appropriate, patients are officially discharged from the hospital, those patients who leave the hospital without this official discharge permission do so at their own risk. The clinic does not carry responsibility in such cases. See Allgemeine Vertragsbedingungen (German).

Last change: 07/2015


Ward physicians, senior physicians, chief physician – all of them are responsible for your treatment. The doctor in charge will create a therapeutic plan. The ward physician is your treating physician. Our doctors also prescribe your medications.

Last change: 07/2015

Donating One’s Own Blood

Prior to any scheduled surgery with more than a 10% probability of requiring a blood transfusion, it may be useful to donate one’s own blood before the intervention. If necessary, the autologous blood (your own blood) will be retransfused which will minimize the necessity for a homologous blood transfusion (donor blood). Your attending physician will inform you about the possibility of donating your own blood during your hospital stay.

Autologous blood donations can be made on Campus Charité Mitte at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Luisenstrasse 6-8. Further information is available at http://trans.charite.de/institut/abteilungen/blutspendeeinrichtungen/eigenblutspende_ccm_patienten/ (German).
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (except on holidays). Please call +49 30 450 525 166 for an appointment.

Last change: 06/2015