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Charité as an employer

As an internationally-renowned tertiary care institution, and one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, Charité is able to offer numerous benefits.

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We can offer...

Flexible working-time arrangements

Different working time models and flexible working options (including shared leadership options) are available to enable greater flexibility and an improved work-life balance. There are good reasons why Charité has recently been awarded the status 'family-friendly university' and 'balancing work and family' for the third time running.

Planning for retirement

Charité offers each of its employees the opportunity of joining a state-subsidized pension scheme. This option is available to both temporary and permanent staff, as well as civil servants. As part of the Charité pension scheme, you will receive the maximum level of government contributions. These reflect your individual circumstances, and include both tax benefits and social security savings.

Support for women

Charité is dedicated to supporting women in the workplace. Our Equal Opportunities Committee [Kommission zur Frauenförderung (KoFF)] aims to improve the position of women across all organizational levels and provides active career support.  KoFF works closely with the Officer for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Both provide advice and support to the Charité Board of Directors and key staff at all managerial levels, in order to ensure implementation of our commitment to equal opportunities for men and women.

Further and continuing education and training

Charité’s training academy offers members of staff the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills. Through our diverse programs, we aim to support you in adapting to an ever-changing environment and helping to shape the future of Charité. A range of innovative formats delivered by a team of carefully selected training staff create an attractive learning experience. In addition to face-to-face seminars, we also offer a varied program of live webinars, online fora and VITA online courses. This will enable you to study what you want, when you want, where you want.

Managing health

Our Staff Health Center [Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum (AMZ)] is dedicated to looking after the health of our staff. In addition to providing mandatory health care monitoring, the AMZ also provides staff with support and advice in relation to preventative health care measures – such as quitting smoking and creating a healthy working environment – and provides advice in relation to psycho-social issues. 


Every day, members of staff from around 100 countries are actively engaged in research, teaching and health care provision, working together for the benefit of medical progress. A crucial part of our success lies in our ability to develop ways of thinking that transcend national borders, and our willingness to engage in an international exchange of ideas. Be it Erasmus students or guest researchers, many of our international guests find they need help with issues or questions that are specific to living and working in Germany. Staff at our Charité Welcome Center can provide active assistance and support, as well as providing useful tips on life in Berlin.

Personal development

We provide individualized career development support, which is planned to reflect your personal circumstances and career plans. Support offered includes a number of measures and activities aimed at greatly enhancing your skills and career development. Both the Office of Human Resource Development and the Health Care Academy will be able to provide the relevant support.

Collective agreements

All Charité employees are paid in accordance with the relevant collective agreement (Tarifvertrag), and receive an attractive salary that is subject to regular pay increases. Separate collective agreements, setting out the rights and responsibilities of Charité and its employees, are in place for the different occupational groups.