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The Management section provides information on the organizational units responsible for operational and strategic management.

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Management Structure

The Executive Board is the highest governing body at Charité; it is responsible for making strategic decisions, and has overall control of business operations.  Members of the Executive Board include the Chairman of the Board, the Dean, the Hospital Director, the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer / Chief Nursing Officer. The Dean, who is in charge of teaching and learning, is also the Head of the Faculty Board. The commercial aspects of hospital management are the particular purview of the Hospital Director, who is also the Chair of the Hospital Management Team. Clinical operations, as well as any medial issues, fall under the remit of the Chief Medical Officer. The Chief Human Resources Officer / Chief Nursing Officer is responsible for all staff- and staffing-related matters.

As a result of the Berliner Universitätsmedizingesetz, a law passed in 2005 which sets out Charité's obligations with regard to research, teaching, and health-care provision, Charité is also required to have a Supervisory Board. This Board, which acts in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board, also monitors Charité's overall financial performance, and ensures that standards of quality in teaching and learning are maintained.

Clinical Advisory Board

Led by Prof. Dr. Hamm, the Clinical Advisory Board is tasked with advising hospital management in matters pertaining to the

  • medical care budget
  • structural changes which affect patient care services either in part or in their entirety
  • private company holdings and the establishment of new companies under private law