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The aim of Charité’s values-based Compliance Management System (CMS) is to promote voluntary compliance among all staff members, as well as to monitor, coordinate and guarantee proper adherence to all valid laws and internal guidelines.

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Compliance-Management at Charité

This values-based CMS is rooted in a corporate culture that reflects the long-standing and honourable tradition of internationally recognized excellence in medicine in Germany. Our historic mandate, high ethical standards and societal responsibility derive from this tradition, one that now encourages us to actively shape the life sciences and humane knowledge-based society of the future.

Our leading position in research and medical care, in addition to our role as a driver of national teaching excellence are exemplary. It goes without saying that our staff aways comply with the highest ethical standards in all their endeavours, they are particularly committed to ensuring the dignity, integrity and right to self determination of our patients. This proud corporate identity also includes a commitment to strictly adhere to the relevant legal regulations and internal guidelines, in addition to a high degree of awareness of our responsibilities in how we carry out our daily tasks.

Reporting a breach: finding the right contact

You can report any indications of violations of legal regulations and guidelines of Charité to the responsible contact persons in the following areas:

Should you be unsure as to the most appropriate person to contact, or should you wish to report other potential rule breaches, please feel free to contact our Compliance Management Office.

How to contact the Compliance Management Department:

  • Central Compliance Hotline: +49 30 450 577 577 (Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm)
  • E-Mail
  • Anonymous messaging platform (whistleblower system): For anonymous messages, please continue to use our secure external messaging platform.
  • Legal Counsel: If you suspect any illegal activity, in particular corruption, you can also contact Legal Counsel at Charité.

Information on how we handle your data

We will always treat your data as strictly confidential and will never share such data with third parties. We may determine that the disclosure of personal data to a third party is necessary in order to fulfill our legal obligations or to further investigate the incident you have brought to our attention. However, we will get in contact with you prior to any such disclosure.

Voluntary basis of the data gathering process
It is up to you to decide whether you wish to provide any personal data when contacting us; all such personal data will be provided on a voluntary basis. Providing us with your name and/or contact details may, however, improve communications between you and our Compliance Management team and thus speed up the process of following up on your information.

Consent to and purpose of data processing
Should you decide to provide personal details when submitting your information, please note that in doing so you consent to us processing your personal data for the purpose of investigating the information provided or to get in contact with you. This means your data will be stored in our internal whistleblower system. You may withdraw your consent for future processing at any time. Your consent withdrawal will come into effect upon receipt of your consent withdrawal statement by the central Compliance Management team.

For more information on data protection, please refer to: Data Protection statement of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.