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On this page, you can download our most important documents, from our Annual Reports to our Corporate Strategy.

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Charité Facts and Figures

Charité: Facts and Figures 2021 © Charité
Charité: Facts and Figures 2021 © Charité

•   4 campuses and 17 CharitéCenters
•   approximately 100 Departments and Institutes
‪•   one of the largest employers in Berlin

‪•   more than 20,900 employees across the Charité group of companies
•   17,615 Charité employees, including
‪      •   ‪5,047 nursing staff‬‬‬‬
‪      •   4,988 researchers and physicians
‪      •   ‪1,265 administrative staff
‪      •   301 professorial staff
•   68 percent women | 32 percent men
‪•   ‪employees from 119 countries

•   total revenues 2021: approximately € 2.3 billion
‪•   net financial result 2021: approximately € 7.8 million
•   ‪financial results, Charité group of companies 2021: € 10.9 million

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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021

Charité-Jahresbericht 2021 | Charité Annual Report 2021 © Charité
Charité-Jahresbericht 2021 | Charité Annual Report 2021 © Charité

The pandemic, Charité’s 2030 strategy, and a new collective agreement for the health and care professions – what were the issues which shaped 2021 for Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin? How did Charité perform financially in 2021? What are the key facts and figures? Charité’s 70-page, dual-language (German/English) annual report entitled ‘Einblicke 2021 | Insights 2021’ provides a comprehensive overview of both corporate policy objectives and developments within the following areas: hospital and patient care, science and research, translational research, and teaching and learning (including key figures for all of these areas).
In focus: Charité during the second year of the pandemic
The performance delivered by Charité’s more than 20,900 members of staff was no less impressive during 2021. The ongoing pandemic brought a new raft of challenges – both professional and personal – with every wave. While vaccines promised a way out of the pandemic, the situation remained tense for medical staff. Psychologists provided support on COVID-19 wards for both family and members of staff. Researchers, too, worked tirelessly, their findings informing efforts to contain the pandemic. Support from Charité’s teaching and administrative staff was similarly exemplary, characterized by its level of commitment and team spirit.

Annual Reports 2006 - 2021

Strategy: Charité 2030

Charité 2030: Rethinking Health

Strategy Charité 2030 © Charité
Strategy Charité 2030 © Charité

With our strategy, we intend to help shape current developments in biomedicine and in the healthcare system, ensuring these are in the interest of the people of Berlin and the rest of Germany. It is our aim to pursue this strategy from the position as an internationally renowned biomedical organization, as a main pillar of the regional healthcare system, and an integral part of Berlin as one of the world’s leading centers of science and health.

The strategy process was actively supported by many executives and employees at the Charité. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this support. If, as before, many employees are actively involved in the further development and implementation of the strategy, this will contribute to the long-term success of Charité.

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