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Construction projects on Campus Benjamin Franklin

This page provides information and updates on construction projects on Campus Benjamin Franklin.

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Current projects

Completed projects

‘Charité Campus-Klinik Süd’ (CCK South)

Building Charité Campus-Klinik Süd. Photo: Baumann | Charité
Building Charité Campus-Klinik Süd. Photo: Baumann | Charité
Artist's impression of the: Sandor Farkas Architekte
Artist's impression of the: Sandor Farkas Architekte

December 2019 saw the erection of the Charité Campus-Klinik Süd’ (CCK South) building. Constructed from a total of 71 individual modules and offering a floor space of approximately 2,700 m2 (29,000 ft2), the new building will be able to accommodate more than 170 beds. Once the interior has been completed, the modular building will be able to welcome its first nursing wards. While modernization work is ongoing, these will be housed in the main building. A total of five wards are scheduled for renovation and refurbishment over a period of five years.

A link bridge connects Charité Campus-Klinik Süd’ (CCK South) with the main building. Construction work on this modern, modular building, is being financed by the state government. The total funding amount allocated totals approximately €14 million.

Dedicated helicopter landing area

The dedicated helicopter landing area following renovation. Copyright: Christian Ozminski | CFM
The dedicated helicopter landing area following renovation. Copyright: Christian Ozminski | CFM

Changes in aviation-related regulations meant the existing helipad on Campus Benjamin Franklin had to move to a new location which is situated slightly further south. The existing landing area was enlarged, and now extends across Paul-Schwarz-Promenade and the Teltow Canal embankment. Flight safety is enhanced as both landing and take-off manoeuvres can now be performed in accordance with the relevant operational provisions.

The new, elevated platform is 63.70 m long. A covered walkway has been erected for pedestrians. Situated on Paul-Schwartz-Promenade, the walkway has a clearance 3.25 m.  Both the hangar and main building have been equipped with communal and rest areas for staff.

Having been stationed at Schönefeld for the duration of this building work, rescue helicopter ‘Christoph 31’ returned to its former home in the spring of 2020.

University Hospital Outpatient Units

Multidisciplinary outpatient unit, Photo: Wiebke Peitz
Multidisciplinary outpatient unit, Photo: Wiebke Peitz
  • Total duration of construction: December 2016 to September 2019
  • Costs: approx. €12.5 million

The last few years have seen an overall reduction in the length of hospital stays. Over the same period, Charité has responded by expanding its outpatient services. It is now in a position to offer a range of treatment options which no longer necessitate a stay in hospital. To meet increased demand and ensure all outpatient facilities meet modern requirements, Charité is implementing a program of complete renovation and refurbishment.

Key components of the ‘SIWANA’ (infrastructure for a growing city and sustainability fund) program are: the Ophthalmology Outpatient Department with integrated Surgery Center; the Urology Outpatient Department with integrated Intervention Center; the Multidisciplinary Outpatient Center (Endocrinology, Vascular Surgery and Angiology); and the Pain Management Day Case Unit.

Other outpatient areas also undergoing structural improvements include the Departments of Cardiology and Trauma Surgery and the Emergency Department.

Refurbishment of operating theaters

OP-Saal (Zur Vergrößerung bitte anklicken!)
New hybrid operating room. Copyright: Charité / Sabine Gudath
Recovery room (Please click to enlarge!)
Recovery room (Please click to enlarge!)

The comprehensive refurbishment of all operating theaters on Campus Benjamin Franklin forms an integral part of Charité’s Master Plan project. The project has a total budget of €22.2 million and was completed in 2018.

In October 2015, Charité opened five fully modernized operating rooms on Campus Benjamin Franklin. Refurbishment plans also included the installation of a hybrid operating room, which will further improve image-guidance and precision in cardiac and vascular surgical interventions. In addition to the installation of the new operating rooms, refurbishment plans also included the installation of a new 14-bed recovery suite and a 12-bed intermediate care unit. The new facilities were designed to be more open-plan and in keeping with current medical standards and practice. In addition to being completely refurbished, the facilities also received new appliances and equipment.

The refurbishment of the five operating theaters represented the first phase of the construction project and was completed in less than two years. The facilities remained fully operational throughout. The second phase of this project in 2017 saw an additional five operating rooms undergo modification and refurbishment. The aim of this work is to improve patient safety, increase capacity and adapt the technical infrastructure in such a way as to meet both current and future requirements.

Refurbishment was completed in stages and normal services were maintained throughout. The entire project was completed in 2018.
Plans include the following:

- 10 ORs (of which 2 are hybrid ORs which support the use of image-guidance during surgery)
- Recovery room/holding area and intermediate care unit
- Sterile storage and preparation areas
- Changing rooms (connected via sterile staircase)
- Ventilation technology (installed above the ORs to reduce operating costs)
- Renovation of roof area above ORs

Relocation of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Patient area
Patient room

The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy relocated from its previous external Eschenallee site to its newly renovated and refurbished facilities on Campus Benjamin Franklin. All renovation and refurbishment work formed part of Charité’s Master Plan. The work, which cost a total of €11 million was completed within a period of 18 months.

The new facilities boast a total floor space of 5,500 m2 (59,200 ft2) and house a total of five wards, two day case units, an outpatient services area, a sleep clinic and an occupational therapy unit. The new facilities combine modern convenience with a welcoming feel. All patient rooms were designed with comfort in mind, have ensuite bathrooms and bedside multimedia units, as well as panoramic windows offering unobstructed views over the Teltow Canal. Therapy, common and dining rooms are bright and spacious.

Renovation and refurbishment work also included the replacement of technical equipment and electrical wiring. The entire project was completed by the end of 2014.


Psychiatric wards

The five psychiatric wards share an almost identical design. Patients are housed in single rooms or 2-bed rooms. Renovation and refurbishment plans took into consideration existing structures, materials and building components. In order to preserve historically significant features, the original natural wood door panels were fully restored and reinstalled using the original period hardware.

The Gerontology and Social Psychiatry Day Hospital

Day Hospital and Outpatient Services found a new home in one of the building’s existing wards. The Psychiatry Day Hospital incorporates both the Gerontology and Social Psychiatry Day Hospitals. As part of the remodeling and refurbishment work, existing technical installations and equipment were upgraded and adapted to reflect the facilities’ new use and purpose. Fire protection systems and equipment were also upgraded.
Facts and numbers

Duration of construction: August 2013 to Dec 2014

Estimated costs: €10.98 million

Overview of scheduled measures:

• 5 Psychiatric wards (incl. Mother and Baby Unit)
• Sleep clinic
• Occupational therapy unit
• Psychiatry day hospital
• Outpatient services