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CharitéCenter for Diagnostic Laboratory and Preventive Medicine CC 5

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Directorate of CharitéCenter 5

The Charité Center 5 for Diagnostic Laboratory and Preventive Medicine has a Medical Administration and a Business/Sales Administration. Here you can find the contacts.

Facilities of CharitéCenter 5

The Labor Berlin - Charité Vivantes GmbH is providing laboratory Diagnostics for the healthcare of Charité and Vivantes’ twelve locations. The corporation combines the diagnostic departments of Laboratory medicine, microbiology, virology, human genetics, allergy diagnostics, auto immune diagnostics, endocrinology & metabolism, haematology/oncology and immunology.

Furthermore, the corresponding Institutes are part of the CharitéCentre 05. Other healthcare diagnostic services are offered by the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, by the Institute for Pathologie, by the Institute for Legal Medicine and by the Institute for Forensic Psychiatry. The investigation of connections between criminal offences and psyche up to the reconstruction of illness courses and causes of death with the help of histological diagnostics is the wide spectrum with which the researchers of the legal medicine and pathology deal.  They are keeping the tradition of a famous physician: Rudolf Virchow, who in 1856 became the first holder of the Chair of Pathology at the University of Berlin.

Specialty network Pharmacology and Toxicology