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CharitéCenter for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine CC 6

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Directorate of CharitéCenter 6

The Charité Center 6 for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine has a Medical Administration, Business/Sales Administration and a Nursing Administration. Here you can find the contacts.

Facilities of CharitéCenter 6

Berlin has long been a global leader in the field of diagnostic imaging. The world’s first X-ray Society was founded here in 1898, and the first X-ray Congress took place in 1905. Berlin is still a city of superlatives: Charité Center 6 for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine is the largest radiological service provider in all of Europe. Its team comprises more than 100 physicians, including 40 specialists and senior residents as well as 140 radiological technologists. Physicists, biologists, computer scientists, engineers and veterinarians are working to promote the advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The Center offers the full range of high-quality diagnostic procedures and provides fast and modern patient care with more than fourteen CT scanners, including the extremely high-power dual-source and Aquilion One CT scanners. The tomographic imaging modalities not using ionizing radiation include ultrasound imaging and a total of 12 MRI scanners. Positron emission tomography (PET) adds an important hybrid option, enabling physicians to combine PET with either CT or MRI imaging.

Another important focus is interventional radiology. Here patients undergo all minimally invasive vascular interventions, so-called angiographies, and non-vascular interventions under image navigation. Nine angiography units and inpatient beds are among the benefits that ensure modern and safe interventional radiology.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine offers the full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options available in nuclear medicine. The department offers state-of-the-art dual head SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) scanners, which ensure outstanding image quality. The department also offers multiple latest-generation hybrid SPECT/CT systems as well as high-end PET/CT and PET/MRI scanners. The department on CVK is equipped with an 11-bed ward, which offers all standard radionuclide therapies, such as radio-iodine treatment for thyroid disorders. It also offers a comprehensive spectrum of new therapies, including peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) for neuroendocrine cancers, radioligand therapy for prostate cancer, and selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) for primary liver cancer and metastatic liver disease.

The Center combines patient care and research in an outstanding manner. Its many research focuses cover a wide range of areas: clinical radiological investigations, contrast media studies, advanced CT and MRI technology, innovative minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and single-particle molecular imaging. This productivity has led to numerous publications in high-ranking national and international journals.