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Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center CC 10

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Directorate of CharitéCenter 10

The Charité Center 10 Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center has a Medical Administration and a Business/Sales Administration. Here you can find the contacts.

The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC) is a clinical and scientific unit that coordinates interdisciplinary patient care as well as research, education and training in the field of oncology.

The CCCC networks all Charité Centres involved in cancer diagnosis and treatment within interdisciplinary organ tumour centres and cancer core units. The CCCC pursues high-quality cancer care by means of consistent and standardised interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic modalities combined with oncologic aftercare and rehabilitation, together with up-to-date strategies for prevention and early detection of malignancies. The CCCC is sponsored by the Deutsche Krebshilfe as one of the ten Centers of Excellence in Oncology in Germany and is certified by the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft. At the CCCC, holistic care for cancer patients is particularly encouraged and continuously developed through a close collaboration with and the involvement of the entire supply chain, including general practitioners and specialists, hospitals, psychosocial support, cancer self-support groups and hospices. Cancer patients treated at the CCCC can, furthermore, benefit from the quick implementation of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches due to an intensive collaboration with clinical and experimental research groups in the Berlin area (e.g. the Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics).

For direct inquiries, please contact the CCCC hotline.