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Our Vision for 2030

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin integrates research, translation, and healthcare, as well as education, training and professional development. Together these fields of activity form the foundation needed for transferring research findings into clinical practice and passing on knowledge to physicians, healthcare professionals and society as a whole.

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Rethinking Health

Over the next decade, Charité will strive to become the driving force behind a value-based approach to the continous development of the healthcare system. We aim to position ourselves at the forefront of academic medicine by leading in the areas of education, research, translation and medical care. The concept of 'Rethinking Health' sits at the heart of this vision – a vision that describes ‘The Future of Medicine’, which will be developed based on three value-defining premises.

The Human Ecosystem – using a holistic approach to wellbeing

As part of a more comprehensive definition of health and wellbeing, Charité pursues a systems approach to health. This aims to understand the constituent elements of a person’s health, from their molecular makeup to their personal situation and environment, and utilizes knowledge of individual differences and personal preferences when planning treatments. This enables the development of personalized treatments and their use in treating relevant conditions. It also enables the development of preventive and regenerative solutions aimed at maintaining the health of Charité members of staff.

Exploring Boundaries – realizing the potential of collaboration

At the interfaces between different subjects, disciplines, institutions, sectors, and professions lies the true potential for solutions to the major medical challenges. Charité will strive to remove or remodel existing barriers and boundaries within our healthcare system in order to create room and opportunities for action. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the remarkable potential of collaborations and partnerships which pursue one overarching goal: They overcome both visible and invisible boundaries. Charité plans to make this approach a core tenet of its vision for the future.

Based on Science – using evidence-based decision-making

Outstanding science is essential in order to transform basic research into clinical research, and clinical research into clinical application. Issues encountered in clinical practice act as a driver, prompting bold, innovative research ideas. Charité will establish and promote a research environment which enhances the robustness of research and the reproducibility of results. By doing so, Charité will reaffirm its commitment to an evidence-based, robust, and responsible approach to biomedical innovation, healthcare and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to society as a whole. Key to this endeavor will be the pursuit of a wide range of collaborations with research organizations, innovative companies and start-ups.

Together these three premises form the bedrock for Charité’s strategic and conceptual development over the coming decade.

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Our Strategic Objectives

  • Following in the proud tradition of Rudolf Virchow, we will overcome disciplinary, conceptual, and structural boundaries in order to improve healthcare. To achieve this, we will combine research with a caring attitude, and recognize the diversity and unique environments which characterize each human being.
  • We will develop targeted treatment and prevention solutions that reach as many people as possible. We will ensure the active involvement of patients and staff in the process of maintaining and restoring health.
  • We aim to produce robust and relevant research results and promote trust in science and scientific knowledge. We will be bold in our use and implementation of new ideas and will see failure as an integral part of innovation.
  • We will improve clinical care by disseminating scientific knowledge and competencies across career levels as well as professional and disciplinary boundaries.
  • We will develop Berlin into a ‘health region of the future’. As part of this endeavor, we are creating networks between the scientific community and the healthcare industry and combine public services with sustainable business practices.