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Areas of action

Accomplishing these strategic objectives will require the best possible conditions for their implementation. The initial phase will therefore need to focus on creating the necessary strategy-enabling structures and processes. The strategic process has therefore identified the areas of action to be addressed.

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Some of these areas of action only require input from Charité. Others will require the strong support of Charité’s partners within the fields of politics, research, healthcare and business. The following six areas of action will be key to the successful implementation of Charité’s strategic objectives. Preparations for implementation will take place over the following few months:

  1. Continue the structural development of Charité’s campuses.
  2. Develop a high-performance IT infrastructure and create digital platforms for research and healthcare.
  3. Develop links with other Berlin-based healthcare institutions (particularly with our partner Vivantes) and industry partners.
  4. Support systematic staff development and promote a collaborative, transformational management culture.
  5. Continue developments regarding organizational culture, communication, and branding.
  6. Complete the process of reorganization and align structures, processes, and control mechanisms according to our strategy by implementing an administrative reform
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