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Our Strategy at a glance

Image: Our Strategy at a glance
Image: Our Strategy at a glance

In addition to facing considerable challenges over the next few years, Germany’s healthcare system will come under increasing pressure to change.
Charité’s immediate environment is expected to undergo massive transformations, which in turn will exert considerable influence on Charité’s strategic positioning.

With our strategy, we intend to help shape current developments in biomedicine and in the healthcare system, ensuring these are in the interest of the people of Berlin and the rest of Germany.

It is our aim to pursue this strategy from the position as an internationally renowned biomedical organization, as a main pillar of the regional healthcare system, and an integral part of Berlin as one of the world’s leading centers of science and health.

The strategy process was actively supported by many executives and employees at the Charité. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this support. If, as before, many employees are actively involved in the further development and implementation of the strategy, this will contribute to the long-term success of Charité.