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Tenure Track Program

Charité’s Tenure Track Program offers outstanding early career scholars a fully transparent career structure. The program enables outstanding young academics to achieve promotion to Professor early in their careers and offers personalized career support and training.

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Tenure Track – the path to a lifetime professorship at Charité

Offering reliable career prospects, Charité's Tenure Track Program enables early-career researchers to commit to an academic career in medicine earlier than previously possible.  

In order to become tenured academics, candidates must meet the requirements for a career in academic medicine, meaning they must combine research, teaching and medical care. Therefore, early academic independence and autonomy in research and teaching form an integral part of Charité's Tenure Track Program, as does a reliable performance-based process of transition to tenure. Charité’s Tenure Track Program combines a reliable and transparent evaluation process, which is both clearly defined and regulated. The program includes targeted mentoring and training opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of early-career academic researchers. Open to academics from across the organization, Charité’s Tenure Track Program awards tenure purely based on merit. The program is revitalizing academic medicine by setting new standards for junior academics.

Tenure Track – Mentoring and training opportunities

Charité boasts a wide range of staff development and training opportunities. These are used to create a personalized career development program which will ensure a successful transition to tenure. This personalized training package includes a voluntary mentoring program, which is aimed at supporting candidates on their path to tenure. Mentoring is complemented by targeted training covering both key competencies and transferable skills such as communication, leadership and management. This type of training provides essential support for all tenure track professors and prepares those who decide against a career in research or fail to qualify for tenure for an alternative career outside academia.

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Tenure Track Professors also have access to the following:

Johanna Quandt Professorships

A Tenure Track success story – Johanna Quandt Professorships

These Charité Foundation-funded professorships can be regarded as the forerunners of Charité’s Tenure Track Professorships. Johanna Quandt Professorships are term-limited W2 Professorships with tenure track, which are specifically aimed at women in the field of systems medicine and hope to promote women in academia.

Joint Federal and State Funding Program

The Joint Federal and State Funding Program for Junior Academics supports the implementation of the Tenure Track Program

With its tenure track program for early-career researchers, the Federal government initiated a project of structural reforms for the long term. This nationwide program aims to create a total of 1,000 Tenure Track Professorships. By introducing an internationally recognized career path, it also aims to make the German academic system more competitive.

Charité has made a commitment to reforming traditional structures as part of this program. Hoping to act as a pioneer of the new model, Charité is rolling out the new Tenure Track across the entire organization and promoting it as a reliable career path for academics.


Administrative support for the Tenure Track Committee and other Charité committees and bodies involved in the Tenure Track process.

Dr. Katrin Jordan

Speaker Tenure-Track-ProgrammCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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Campus / internal address:Eduard-Henoch-Haus, Charitéplatz 2A

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