Degree Courses

As a distinguished Medical Faculty with a long history of medical teaching and learning, Charité offers a wide range of courses, as well as opportunities for students to get more involved.  With three basic and eleven advanced degrees to choose from, prospective students will find a university-based education that prepares them for future roles within the health care industry.

Discover the wealth of career opportunities at Charité

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As part of an individualized support program, Charité also offers a wide range of opportunities for the targeted development of junior staff and students:

  • Mentoring and coaching services, as well as advice and support for students
  • Careers advice and career development after completion of studies
  • Institutions providing specialist support (e.g. Dieter-Scheffner-Fachzentrum)

Who's Who & Contacts

Please contact The Office of Student Affairs by emailing stud-hotline(at)