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Degree Courses

As a distinguished Medical Faculty with a long history of medical teaching and learning, Charité offers a wide range of courses, as well as opportunities for students to get more involved.  With three basic and eleven advanced degrees to choose from, prospective students will find a university-based education that prepares them for future roles within the health care industry.

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Degree Courses

Basic degree options Revised Medical Curriculum (Modellstudiengang Medizin), Traditional Curriculum for Medicine & Dentistry (Regelstudiengang Medizin, Zahnmedizin), Bachelor in Health Care Sciences (Bachelorstudiengang Gesundheitswissenschaften), First Revised Medical Curriculum (Reformstudiengang Medizin)
Find out about career opportunities Cerebrovascular Medicine, Consumer Health Care, International Health, Medical Neurosciences (Medizinische Neurowissenschaften), Molecular Medicine (Molekulare Medizin), Toxicology (Toxikologie), Health Professions Education

As part of an individualized support program, Charité also offers a wide range of opportunities for the targeted development of junior staff and students:

  • Mentoring and coaching services, as well as advice and support for students
  • Careers advice and career development after completion of studies
  • Institutions providing specialist support (e.g. Dieter-Scheffner-Fachzentrum)