Nursing internship

Looking for an internship in health care? We offer various internships.

Nursing placements

Are you looking for a nursing placement? We are currently offering the following practical placements:

  • Mandatory placements for registered medical students
  • Mandatory placements for students studying for the following qualifications: MTA [Medical Assistant], RTA [Radiologist Assistant], physiotherapist, OTA [Surgical Assistant], ATA [Anesthesia Technician], midwifery
  • Placements for Technical College graduates with Social Services qualifications
  • Placements for University graduates with vocational degree qualifications (Nursing Management/Nursing Science)
  • Placements for students pursuing additional qualifications (e.g. Anesthesia Nursing and Intensive Care Nursing, Management)
  • Career tasters
  • Work experience/placements in preparation for training/study

Applying for a nursing placement

If you are hoping to apply for a nursing placement, please ensure that you submit your application at the latest 8 weeks prior to the start of your placement, by E-mail. For all other placements or visits, please contact the relevant unit or departments.

Requirements: Aged 16 or over

In order to be able to match you with the unit or department that best meets your needs, and ensure everything runs smoothly, we would ask that you provide the following information:

  • Dates/duration of placement or work shadowing
  • Desired specialty or location, including alternative choice
  • Reasons for stay, e.g.

a) Student placement
b) Work experience placement
c) Training course
d) Career taster
e) Work experience/placement in preparation for training/stud
f) Further training
g) Work shadowing

Please note: should you still have questions, our FAQs may be able to help.