Additional opportunities

There are many opportunities for those wishing to find out more about our work and mission, and many ways to get involved.

Voluntary work

"Grüne Helfer" (literally 'green helpers') is the name given to group patient support volunteers who provide pastoral care to patients. In addition to visiting patients and spending time talking and listening, they accompany patients on walks or run small errands. If interested, please contact us by email.

Gap year – social work volunteers

We have cooperative partnerships with two organizations. To find out more, please contact the Workers Welfare Institution (Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) or the BIQ Beschäftigung Integration Qualifizierung gGmbH.

Work shadowing and work placements

Charité offers both of these options. Work shadowing and placements will be arranged in accordance with the capacity and requirements of the relevant administrative or functional unit and, in the case of work placements, will be subject to minimum wage legislation. 

Should you be interested in work shadowing or work placements in other functional units, please contact staff at the relevant institutions to discuss the necessary arrangements.

Legal internships

By working in one of our administrative units or a ward of their choice, legal interns can gain an insight into the work of our Legal Services department. If interested, please send your application and supporting documents to rechtsabteilung(at), stating your desired dates and preferred legal specialty (employment law, medical law, administrative law, or contract law).