Trainee programs

As a large training provider, Charité offers trainee programs in a variety of different areas. You will find more information on these below.


Charitrain is a specialist trainee program for graduates from higher education institutions who have a background in economics or business studies and an interest in pursuing a managerial career at a large university hospital. As part of a structured two-year training program, trainees are prepared for management positions within the field of hospital administration. 

At the start of the trainee program, a three-month-long nursing placement provides trainees with an insight into the fundamental aspects of hospital-based health care.  This is followed by placements in three administrative units, with trainees free to choose areas that suit their own specific interests. 


Aside from an exciting insight into different functional areas of Charité, trainees can also expect comprehensive development opportunities, a range of tasks and responsibilities, and involvement in a variety of projects.

Trainee program in Intensive Care Nursing/Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing

This 15-month program is aimed at nurses who have recently completed their training, those with previous experience in providing intensive care at home, and those wishing to return to work, but with no prior experience in intensive care. Candidates can join the program at any time. 

Every year, up to 20 trainees rotate through a wide range of intensive care units, while also following a program of approximately 200 hours of theory-based learning.  As training is designed in a rolling program format, you will follow a structured multi-tier training schedule that will be adapted to your specific needs and reflect your prior experience. 


Before completing our certified trainee program, all trainees meet with their training supervisors to discuss which potential roles and responsibilities would best match their particular skill set.