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Career A-Z

Below, you will find details of what Charité currently offers its members of staff, from A to Z.

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A bus service is in operation between the campuses CVK and CCM. The bus, which runs every 30 minutes, offers a fast and reliable way of commuting between the campuses. The service is in operation Mondays to Fridays, and is free of charge to all members of staff and patients.

Staff Health Center

Our Staff Health Center [Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum (AMZ)] is dedicated to looking after the health of Charité members of staff. This includes activities aimed at protecting and restoring health, as well as health improvement and health promotion measures.
 In addition to providing mandatory health care monitoring, the Health Center also provides staff with support and advice in relation to preventative health care, as well as occupational and environmental health. 

Staff celebration

Our annual staff celebration is held in the summer, and is organized for all members of staff of Charité and CFM. The event is held in recognition of the contributions made by members of staff as these are, and continue to be, essential in securing both current and future successes.

Staff newspaper

The official staff newspaper Charité am Puls (literally 'Charité on the pulse') is published several times a year, and provides information on current developments at Charité.


The name Charité is intimately linked with a long tradition of German medical excellence and world-class medical care. Apart from defining its historic mission, this tradition is also the driving force behind Charité's efforts to help shape the future of medical research, medical teaching, and medical care on both a national and international level. [vision-pyramid]

Support for Fathers

Becoming a father entails significant changes and challenges. At Charité, we have a team of volunteers dedicated to providing advice on the topics of 'becoming and father' and 'being a father'.