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Welcome to the CHarME Project
The CHarME Project envisages developing joint strategies for the modernisation of the medical curriculum in order to make them more transparent, more comparable, more compatible and (most importantly!) more responsive to the needs of the 21st labour market and society in general.
  • Shared concern about employability
  • Medical profession undergoes constant change.
  • CHARME will investigate different methods of curriculum? reform, identify appropriate practice, suggest measures for improvement and widely disseminate results and outcome.
  • All this will materialise through a benchmarking exercise on medical education curriculum reform and employability!
  • Questionnaire + handbook (Benchmarking)
  • Assessment Reports
  • Assessment Workshop I (Antwerp)
  • Best Practice Publication
  • Assessment Workshop II (Stockholm)
  • Valorisation Conference
  • Series of Articles
  • Improved comparability, ...
  • Improved mobility facilities,
  • Capacity building,
  • Creation of a Community for Curr. Reform,
  • Valorisation,
  • National Policies,
  • Extrapolation,
  • Stakeholders dialogue,
  • Better prepared professionals!