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2013.01.10 - Press release

Overweight begins in the womb

A disposition for overweight is shaped even before birth. This has been proven by scientists of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin in an international study, which has appeared in the read more …

2013.01.03 - Press release

Patients Have a Greater Chance of Survival When Overweight

Stroke patients who are overweight or obese die less often and suffer fewer disabilities than those with an ideal body weight. This is revealed by a new study that was undertaken in cooperation with read more …

2012.12.10 - Press release

Chronic psychological symptoms in surgical patients

For many people, a surgical operation means a strong psychological and emotional stress. Scientists at the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin and the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig have now been able read more …

2012.12.03 - Press release

A new promising approach in the therapy of pain

The treatment of inflammatory pain can be improved by endogenous opioid peptides acting directly in injured tissue. Scientists at the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin and the Université Paris read more …

2012.11.22 - Press release

Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice Alleviated

Pathological changes typical of Alzheimer’s disease were significantly reduced in mice by blockade of an immune system transmitter. A research team from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the read more …

2012.11.22 - Press release

Charité hosts international conferences on allergy illnesses

The Allergie-Centrum of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin will host three international scientific conferences in the upcoming week. According to Prof. Marcus Maurer, Associate Director of the read more …

2012.10.25 - Press release

Turning Rhetoric into a Quality Label for the Future

A team of prominent European and Australian medical faculties working in collaboration with two European consultancy firms are on the verge of introducing a quality label to measure standards and read more …

World Health Summit Press Conference: The end of an era in science and medicine (The photo is free for usage – © World Health Summit  2012)

2012.10.24 - Press release

World Health Summit: The end of an era in science and medicine

Lessons learned after three days of World Health Summit 2012 project a drastic scenario: the status quo of global health standards is dismal; the existing system is about to collapse; economic growth read more …

World Health Summit 2012, Abbildung: “There is first evidence of negative effects of austerity, erklärt WHO-Vertreter Agis Tsouros

2012.10.23 - Press release

World Health Summit: First negative health effects of due to austerity – a necessary or avoidable evil?

Discussions of the most pressing challenges for Global Health center time and again on money. Hence, it was with great interest that the keynote of Josef Ackermann (Chairman Zurich Insurance Group) read more …

World Health Summit, press conference October 21st (from left to right: Richard Horton, Laurie Garrett, Severin Schwan, Judith Mackay)

2012.10.22 - Press release

World Health Summit: Global Health concept on the verge of collapsing – time to react is running thin

At the second day of the World Health Summit 2012, veterans in the fight for public health and global health fervently called to action on various areas. One of the biggest issues due to Laurie read more …

Results 41 to 50 of total 109

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