Ingo Borggräfe

Home Institution
Christian-Albrechts-Universitšt Kiel

Host Institution(s)
Tufts University School of Medicine, Department of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Mentor: Edouard Vannier, PhD

Research Topic
1. Investigation of the interleukin-1 type II receptor promotor.
2. Babesia microtii infected mice as a model for immune function in aging.
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Personal Reactions to the U.S. Experience
I regret not becoming familiar with many Americans, which might be due to the fact that there were none in my lab. Otherwise, my mind was widely opened to new cultures, through the multicultural environment in my lab. Also, the French input (maybe I should say pressure) turned me into a well behaved young man. Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to discover New England during my Christmas vacation and I can highly recommend making a trip to the north along the shore. Furthermore, the kind of scientific cross-fertilization which happens in Boston because of the huge number of famous laboratories made the stay incredibly enriching for everybody's scientific experience.
Greatest Difficulties Encountered
The greatest difficulty I encountered here was to find an apartment in the middle of September. At least, I had the opportunity to spend the first weeks on my mentor's sofa and that's why I had enough time to take care about finding a room.
Most humorous incident
There wasn't something like a humorous summit, but the weekly meetings of the Brookline and Roxbury BMEP gang in the "Audoban" bar were a kind of a highlight, discussing and solving world's problems over one or two Samuel Adams.
Helpful Hints for Future Students
Since one of the most striking problems is finding a room in a relatively short period, I should mention some helpful websites, which offer rooms and apartments. The most popular websites are: and I do not recommend renting a room without having it inspected beforehand, otherwise one might be surprised to find a barn-like apartment for several hundred bucks.
Organizing the clinical elective here in Tufts is comparably easy. There is one person, Christine Adamson, who is responsible for all clinical rotations. She will check your medical record and then she will sign you up for any clinical rotation which is available.
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